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Ajahn Jamnian's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Jamnian
Ajahn Jumnien* is a Thai forest monk who was born in the southern part of Thailand on May 1, 1936. His earliest experience in meditation was at age five. He was also schooled at an early age in traditional healing and shamanistic practices. At age 20, he ordained as a monk, fulfilling his aspiration for lifelong practice in Buddhist meditation.
2020-04-26 Further Teachings in the Midst of a Pandemic 1:46:55
Topics covered: The 3 Modes of Consciousness that we operate under, The 4 Powers of the Dhamma (Iddhipada), Cultivating "Non-Self" (anatta), Cultivating "Sympathetic Joy" (mudita), How to see things the way they are. The main translator is Amdee Vongthongsri. Recorded via video teleconference.
Attached Files:
  • Ajahn Jamnian - mini glossary 2 (PDF)

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