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Dharma Talks
2021-04-10 Guided Meditation – Dissolving and Consolidating 18:56
Ajahn Sucitto
Instructions begin with dissolving: guidance for disengaging from contact, soothing and steadying the mind. Instructions end with consolidating: determining what I want to move forward with in the future, and what’s been learned or left behind.
Cittaviveka At Home with the Homeless: Ajahn Sucitto Locked Down

2021-04-10 Guided Meditation – Disengaging from Sense Consciousness 14:51
Ajahn Sucitto
In meditation we’re stepping back from sense consciousness, dipping beneath it to find something deeper, balanced and bearing value. This is where the wealth of our life lies, and it naturally comes forth when we disengage from sense data.
Dharma Realm Buddhist University :  Unseating the Inner Tyrant

2021-04-08 05 talk: Wise Intention p2 - metta, kindness 22:24
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the second aspect of Wise Intention, metta or kindness, as a support for understanding anatta, not-self
Auckland Insight Meditation Living a life of mutual benefit: Exploring the Noble Eightfold Path

2021-04-08 04 meditation: simple mindfulness of the body and breathing, with an orientation to metta 30:08
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with chanting the Karaniyametta Sutta in English as an invitation to orient towards kindness while settling into mindfulness of the body and mindfulness of breathing
Auckland Insight Meditation Living a life of mutual benefit: Exploring the Noble Eightfold Path

2021-04-07 The Foundations of Contemplative Practice 52:04
Oren Jay Sofer
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

2021-04-07 Meditation: Relaxing into Living Presence 23:39
Tara Brach
This meditation guides us to awaken to sensation using the image of a smile and scanning through the body. We then open to sound and to the entire changing flow of experience. When we connect with the changing flow of sensations, feelings and sounds, we also discover the formless awareness that is our Source… and home. We end with a prayer that includes our own being and all beings.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2021-04-07 Radical Self-Honesty: The Joy of Getting Real 48:32
Tara Brach
Our suffering arises from the unseen, unfelt, resisted parts of our psyche. This talk explores ways we can deepen self-honesty and reconnect to a wholeness of being that enables us to live with spontaneity, confidence, wisdom and love (a favorite from the archives).
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2021-04-07 The Preciousness of Life and Connection 1:49:10
Sylvia Boorstein
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2021-04-06 Refraining from Intoxication 22:44
Shaila Catherine
This talk explores the fifth precept: the commitment to refrain from intoxicating the mind through the use of alcohol, drugs, or addictive desires. Originally this precept highlighted the dangers of home-brewed alcohol, but can be expanded to address the many ways we may seek to excite, dull, distort, or intoxicate our minds. By working with this precept, we not only strengthen our capacity for restraint, but importantly, we investigate how the force of craving may be affecting our decisions and actions.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley

2021-04-05 Buddhist Studies: Mindfulness of Feeling Tone, Week 5 - Meditation 31:37
Mark Nunberg
Common Ground Meditation Center Buddhist Studies: Mindfulness of Feeling Tone, Spring 2021

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