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Dharma Talks given at Ottawa Buddhist Society
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2020-06-05 The Unequivocal Law of Kamma 13:44
  Ayya Medhanandi
Responding to questions about social change during pandemic time protests: seeing that we are the owners of our actions, subject to the law of kamma, we can embody the Buddha's teachings by respecting all beings with compassion, nonviolence and our foundation in virtue, and choosing wise leaders who uphold these principles.

2020-06-05 Bowing On Two Knees: Covid Compassion and Nonviolence 19:27
  Ayya Medhanandi
When change and unrest foment around us, we must guard the mind and protect it from disruptive emotions such as fear or anger that may lead us to speak or act unskillfully. In this pandemic of moral decay and heightened fear, seeing how we are not in control, we care both for ourselves and others, morally and spiritually. To bring reform or healing in the world, we speak or act from an inner quiet, not boiling with anger or resentment, but from a heart tempered with patience, compassion, wisdom and peace. A talk given online during Covid-19 and global anti-racism protests.

2020-05-01 The Currency of Covid: Protection from Harm Through Spiritual Awakening 24:16
  Ayya Medhanandi
Waking up to our spiritual wealth, we learn the true currency of Covid - it is not fear and frailty but courage, compassion, loving-kindness, community and connection. We see what is protection for ourselves and for each other, dwelling with the Dhamma, the Truth, as our safety - our island and refuge.

2009-03-15 Through the Eye of the Needle 51:02
  Ayya Medhanandi
What happens when we sit in a sacred space and can empty and purify ourselves? We are able to taste only sacredness, to experience another level of being that is vast and without boundaries, to be in awe of the wondrous quality of the pure heart. A talk given during a 10 day retreat at the Sisters of St. Joseph Convent, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada in 2009.

2008-12-19 Solstice Heart 34:24
  Ayya Medhanandi
With the advent of the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year - comes the promise that the light will return. We can honour this principle in our practice by turning towards the light that is revealed in our own minds. The goodness and purity of this light can connect us to unconditional peace and love. A talk given at the Ottawa Buddhist Society in 2008.

2007-03-11 The Threads of Your Life: Guided Death Meditation 26:43
  Ayya Medhanandi
When you move towards what is fearful step by step with courage, it is possible to overcome the darkest moments breath by breath.  Draw together all the threads of your life, and let each one go strand by strand. A guided meditation on death at a 10 day retreat, Galilee Centre, Arnprior, Ontario Canada.

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