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Buddhist Studies Course: Cultivating Wholesome Relationships

Whether we are relating to a partner, a friend, work colleagues, or relatives; our minds are often confused and pushed around by the joys and sorrows of relationships. In this course, we will study the Buddha’s teachings on relating to others, especially how to discern the skillfulness and unskillfulness of our underlying intentions behind our thoughts, words and actions. We will reflect on the possibility of relating to others with lovingkindness, free of fear and attachment, and how it is possible to see more clearly without resorting to judgment and fixed views regarding others.
2020-03-09 (298 days) Common Ground Meditation Center

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2020-11-08 The Coming Together of the Coolness of Wisdom with the Inclusiveness of Love - Talk 37:27
Mark Nunberg
2020-12-20 Delighting in Nonproliferation - Talk 41:06
Mark Nunberg
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