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Retreat Dharma Talks

Mindful Communication: A Wise Speech Retreat

In this retreat, we connect mindfulness and lovingkindness practice, the Buddha's teachings on Right Speech, relational awareness practices, and Nonviolent Communication).

2018-04-23 (6 days) Sacred Stream Center

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2018-04-26 Exploring Our Experience with Nonviolent Communication 60:41
Oren Jay Sofer
Teaching, practice and discussion on emotions: where do they come from? How can we express them constructively? Using the form of making observations, stating feelings and needs.
2018-04-27 Guided Mindfulness Meditation 37:11
Oren Jay Sofer
A guided meditation with a brief overview of mindfulness practice.
2018-04-27 The Spirit of Requests 47:21
Oren Jay Sofer
A brief introduction to the practice of making requests in Nonviolent Communication.
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