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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

February Insight Meditation Retreat

2015-01-31 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2015-02-05 Brahma Vihara Practice Day #5: Metta 44:23
Brian Lesage
Benefactor, self & friend
2015-02-05 The Five Spiritual Faculties 64:54
James Baraz
The practice can be seen in terms of balance and an unfolding process. The Five Spiritual Faculties - Faith, Effort, Mindfulness, Concentration & Wisdom - describe both of these perspectives.
2015-02-06 Morning Instructions Day #6 12:20
James Baraz
Working with thoughts
2015-02-06 Brahma Vihara Day #6: Forgiveness 45:07
James Baraz
2015-02-06 Meeting Dukkha with Heart and Mind 43:51
Kate Munding
How the Brahma Viharas strengthen our ability to stay with what is difficult.
2015-02-07 Brahma Viharas #6 44:04
Kate Munding
Metta Self and Friend
2015-02-07 Mindfulness includes everything, including star showers 55:50
Sally Armstrong
Samma sati, or true mindfulness, is more than just awareness of the moment. It brings wisdom and wise response to our moment to moment experience.
2015-02-08 Morning Instructions Day #7 20:58
Sally Armstrong
Standing Meditation
2015-02-08 Brahma Viharas Day #7 44:48
Carol Wilson
Metta for Self, Benefactor and Neutral Person
2015-02-09 Morning Instructions Day #9 The Mental Factor of Intention 41:46
Greg Scharf
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