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Mindful Communication: A Wise Speech Retreat

2014-06-15 (7 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2014-06-16 Mindful Communication in the Path of Awakening 53:11
Donald Rothberg
We explore the importance of speech practice, its place ijn the path of awakening, the four ethical and behavioral guidelines for "right": or "wise" speech, and ways of developing mindfulness in spech practice
2014-06-17 "Where Are You Coming From?" Brahmavihara as a foundation for Wise Speech 52:43
Oren Jay Sofer
A practical exploration of how the cultivation of the heart supports the practice of wise speech and the transformation of afflictive mind states.
2014-06-18 Practicing Skillfully with thought and emotions as a foundation for speech practice. 57:25
Donald Rothberg
We explore the possibility of taking radical responsibility for our thoughts and emotions at the ability to respond skilfully, rather than react. We look at three ways of practicing with thoughts and emotions. 1. coming back to balance when out of balance. 2. cultivating mindfulness of thoughts and emotions. 3. working more actively with thoughts and emotions, including habitual patterns.
2014-06-19 Deep Listening and Speech Practice in Difficult Circumstances 53:05
Donald Rothberg
How can we be skillful with our speech practice in difficult or challenging situations? We examine a number of principles and capacities, particularly deep listening, that can guide us.
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