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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Mindfulness, Wise Speech, and Compassionate Communication

2011-05-29 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2011-05-30 Wise Speech and the Path of Awakening 54:33
Donald Rothberg
We explore (1) the importance of speech practice; (2) its place in the path of awakening; (3) the nature of awakening and the path to awakening; and (4) the specific teachings on speech from the Buddha, particularly on the four ethical guidelines of truthfulness, helpfulness, kindness, and appropriateness.
2011-05-31 Working with Thought and Emotions as a Foundation for Speech Practice 53:04
Donald Rothberg
Skillful practice with thoughts and emotions is explored, including (1) taking responsibility for our experience, (2) finding balance if we are reactive and out of balance, (3) using mindfulness to investigate thoughts and emotions, and (4) making connections between these approaches and our speech practice.
2011-06-02 Deep Listening and Speech Practice in Challenging Situations 60:37
Donald Rothberg
The essence of speech practice in difficult situations is to find ways to stay connected, in one's inner experience and use of speech, to our awareness, love, and wisdom. We focus on a number of supports for such practice, including grounding and centering in the body, being open to difficulties as opportunities for learning, understanding the judgmental mind, and, especially, cultivating deep listening.
2011-06-03 Sangha Refuge and the Relational Field of Practice 56:00
Oren Jay Sofer
How do we understand the role of community, the refuge of sangha and our life's relationships in the context of the Buddha's teachings?
2011-06-04 Speech Practice From the Retreat to Daily Life 40:04
Donald Rothberg
We explore (1) personal reflections on how to bring home the retreat; (2) grounding speech practice in personal practice; (3) continuing speech practice in daily life; and (4) bringing speech practice into our society - into our organizations, service, and participation in the larger society.
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